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Gun Mandate - Round 2


I realize lawyers can be wordy, and sometimes tricky in the application of their trade. Or, so it may appear to the average individual, including myself.

Which seems to be the case in New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's gun control regulation, previously struck down by a federal judge, forbidding law abiding citizens from openly carrying or concealing, a private firearm in Albuquerque or Bernalillo County.

Since the judge found Ms. Grisham's original gun proclamation to be in violation of an individual's constitutional rights, it seems she simply redressed the executive order, and handed it over to her secretary of health, Mr. Patrick M. Allen.

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HMS Letter to the Editor

Capital Outlay Funding for Senior Services in Grant County

At the Grant County Commissioners meeting held on August 30, 2023, there was a lengthy discussion regarding the Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plans (ICIP) submitted to the County for approval by Hidalgo Medical Services (HMS). County officials had requested that a representative from HMS be present at the meeting to discuss these items, which were tabled at a previous commission meeting. Unfortunately, this request for attendance received by email was missed, and representation was not fulfilled. Dr. Dan Otero, HMS CEO, personally apologized for the oversight directly in writing to each County commissioner, the County Manager, and the Planning and Community Development Director. HMS extends its gratitude to the County Commission and County officials for moving forward on their approvals with the limited data and clarification needed.

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Letter to Editor about MLG's most recent executive order


In what has to be a very questionable legal issue, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's 30-day suspension of lawful open and concealed carry of firearms in Albuquerque -- under the guise that gun violence has become a health issue -- doesn't pass the smell test.

Similar to many frivolous COVID mandates, restricting a citizen's constitutional right to carry a firearm because a small minority of individuals willfully create havoc and violence with a gun, makes about as much sense as telling an employee his job is not essential as the worker across the street in a big box store.

Through the brouhaha created by the COVID hysteria, some state governors have assumed they have the authority to enact select mandates and executive orders, and impose fines and penalties whenever they feel inclined to do so.

But, to declare a 30-day suspension of gun rights upon people of a particular community, or geographical location, because of firearms related shootings; while at the same time not equally applying the same edict upon the rest of the state citizenry, certainly appears to be a blatant violation of her office.

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Letter to Editor on Japan releasing radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean

Dear Editor,

Despite all protests and opposition from clear-thinking, nature-loving people, Japan has begun releasing radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, where a lot of the world's food supply comes from. Mark this date and tell your grandchildren that you read it here: THIS IS A MISTAKE FOR ALL THE WORLD!

If this water were "safe" as claimed by those doing it, they would just pump it into the Tokyo water system and drink it. They won't dare. If we had a functioning president instead of Biden, he would have worked with major world leaders to get this disaster stopped. It is more important immediately than any climate change measures.

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Letter to Editor opposed to use of herbicides for forest thinning.

Dear Editor,

In regards to recent reports that Grant County residents are objecting to the use of herbicides for a proposed forest thinning project on state and federal lands in the Gila and near us, I would like to submit this humble opinion, please.

This is so crazy. I oppose ALL use of herbicides in Grant County, in New Mexico, and in the United States. No politician in all of New Mexico should support this poison being spread, to breathe and be tracked into homes, schools, and livestock. Glyphosate/Round-Up is a carcinogen. None of these herbicides belong in our food, soil, wildlife, or water. Next, your surrounding wells will be like the poor PFAS veterans. This will be another Agent Orange catastrophe for our people, who will suffer, like my own cousin Randy, who was drafted for Vietnam and died from it.

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Letter to the Editor on "conservancy"

I had the privilege of seeing Ron Troy of the New Mexico Land Conservancy make a presentation recently at the Silver City UU.

I was quite impressed with this gentleman's presentation and it got me thinking about how my own habits and desires affect my surroundings.

A Conservancy is a group or body of people concerned with the preservation of Nature, its Species, and its Natural Resources.

So when a question comes to mind—concerning the New Mexico Land Conservancy—such as
"What can I personally do to help?"

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Letter to the editor re: previous letter about BLM

A May 18 letter questioned why the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) needs a new rule to manage the lands under its control. Fearing existing "rights" would be interfered with. As a public lands rancher, the writer wants us members of the public who own this land and pay the agency to manage it for us, to continue the false belief that public lands ranchers have a "right" to graze their cattle on our lands. That issue has been to court numerous times and the truth is that grazing public lands is a revocable privilege, not a right.

The nickname for the BLM is "Bureau of Livestock and Mining" because the public has been given the short end of the stick. Hunting, fishing, backpacking, watershed protection, bird and wildlife watching get what's left over after the livestock industry has stripped the vegetation from the land, and it's pretty worthless after that so, yes, there is a reason for a new style of management, but don't despair, all of the many attempts to get honest management have always failed in the past and even with the public providing overwhelming support for better management (as always), I won't hold my breath waiting to see the land flourish with tall grasses and wildlife galore.

Michael Sauber
Silver City

Biden's Big Railroad Bridge to Africa


 When he thinks, Joe thinks big.

By Mike Bibb

 "We have plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean." President Joe Biden speaking to the League of Conservation Voters, Washington, D.C., June 14, 2023

Wow, when he thinks, Joe thinks big!

Speaking before the League of Conservation Voters in Washington, June 14, Biden informed the gathering "We're talking about building -- and I had my team putting together with other countries as well -- to build a railroad from the Pacific Ocean -- from the Atlantic Ocean all the way across to the Indian Ocean."

Basically, it would be the greatest construction project in world history. Probably, in the history of the galaxy.

A railroad traversing over ten-thousand miles of deep water, from California to East Africa.

Not sure how he figured the route would also pass over the Atlantic Ocean, but what the heck? If Joe believes it, then who am I to question him, or his team's acclaimed engineering and building skills.

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