Monday, Oct. 11

Unwanted subject
703 Silver Heights Blvd. – 1:27 a.m.
Caller advised that a female is cussing her out in the lobby/female is leaving at this time/she was asked to leave because she was not purchasing anything/she started to yell after this/she is walking across the street toward the Snappy Mart/wants the female issued a CTW.

Stolen motor vehicle
San Vicente Street
Car last seen about 15 minutes ago/caller was inside her grandmother's and had the car warming up/a named female is the person who took the vehicle.

1007 Pope Street
Caller advised it's on the front sign facing Pope Street.

610 N. Silver Street – Seasonal Overnight Shelter
Caller advised a named female is being disruptive and verbally assaulting staff/caller is the director and counselor/Officer re-issued Emily Somerian an indefinite CTW.

Domestic disturbance
2610 N. Silver Street – DWI Compliance Office
Caller advising she has a "situation" with her client, a named female, who is on the phone advising her grandson is advising that someone is "screaming and yelling." Dispatcher spoke with female on the phone who stated her . . .

Unattended death
N. Swan Street
Female found unresponsive/advising she is cold to the touch/advising it looks like she has fallen. Officers advised OMI en route.

Welfare check
N. Swan Street
Caller advised her brother is being psychotic/he can be very combative toward LE and others/advised he is talking in tongues/caller on the floor in the living room/advised he has not been taking his medications. Officer requested ambulance for a male of unknown age/altered mental status.

Welfare check
37th and N. Silver streets
Caller advised a male is sprawled on the sidewalk. Officer had negative contact/units clear.

Unwanted subject
2502 E. Highway 180
Caller advised two males in a black GMC truck are refusing to leave/advised both have been complaining about the service they received/they have been asked to leave several times but they refuse to leave/he is now parked in front of the gas station.

Unwanted subject
2501 E. Highway 180
Caller advised a female is refusing to leave, but left while caller was on the phone.

Criminal trespass warning
2501 E. Highway 180
Caller advised a female was caught stealing/advised they are not sure who she was/happened about 10 minutes ago. Officer will issue Emily Somerian an indefinite CTW when located/unit clear/will ATL the female.

Tuesday, Oct. 12

Suspicious vehicle
855 Silver Heights Blvd.
Officer made contact/vehicle will be leaving

Unwanted subject
1600 E. 32nd Street
Female is refusing to leave the office/she is there trying to get a medical marijuana card/she is uncooperative and causing problems/other patients are starting to arrive. Officer advised will be clear/female is leaving the property.

3082 32nd Street Bypass
Second party advised male in his 20s in a silver Ford shot in the stomach. EMS1 – put Native Air on standby. Third caller advised male on the floor with a lot of pain. Caller advising she was just told she needed to get an ambulance for a male shot in the stomach/stating male is on the floor/no blood/advising male shot himself in the stomach. Dispatcher giving EMD instruction for bleeding control.

Criminal damage to property
N. Bullard Street
Caller advised someone tried to break in through the front door. Officer advised will be clear/set up frequent patrol.

2707 E. Highway 180
Female in the clothing area throwing items around. Officer issued Emily Somerian an indefinite CTW for Tractor Supply.

Domestic disturbance
Mountain View Road and E. Highway 180
Caller advised his wife has been following him around and he is trying to get to work. She is in a white Sorrento and he is in an older red Dodge truck. Officer advised negative contact.

Gold and Swan streets
Caller is chasing someone who is in her dad's truck/they are now at the Super Snappy. Caller just got down and is confronting the driver. Person in the background kept saying, "You are going to get me fired."/line was disconnected. Caller advised she is arguing with her granddaughter who is letting a named male drive the truck.

Domestic disturbance
2080 Memory Lane – Valley View Apartments
Caller ran to this location after her boyfriend hit her/he has her three kids with him, 8, 10, and 14-years-of-age. Caller doesn't need medical attention/caller is at Motel 6. Officer advised en route to the apartments/en route to El Refugio.

1810 N. Swan Street
Walk-in advised a female continues to harass her through message and at her place of work. Officer made contact with W&N Enterprises and was told not to place any CTWs on the female as the incident is a personal matter and not connected to the business.

Criminal trespass warning
621 N. Bullard Street
Caller advised a named female came in and threatened caller and would not leave/she wants a CTW placed on the female. Officer had negative contact with caller/will issue CTW to Emily Somerian when located.

Domestic disturbance
N. Corbin and E. 11th streets
Caller advised his mother just threw a rock and broke his windshield/he was dropping her off at a friend's house and she started swinging at him and was hitting him in the back of the head/advising he did push her away from him so she could stop hitting him and knocked her glasses off/advising his mother is advising she broke his window because he pushed her.

Unwanted subject
Plata Road
Caller advised two males who are friends of her grandson are here and they are not supposed to be. Officer advised clear/juvis were not on the property but playing basketball in the street.

1414 Little Walnut Road – Silver Cliff Apartments
Caller advised someone, who is dating her children's father, left a T-shirt on her car with some nasty words on it. Officers made contact with caller who advised a named female left the T-shirt. Officer will contact Bayard PD to issue Alyssa Rodriguez an indefinite CTW for all Silver Cliff Apartments.

Domestic disturbance
Mann Drive
Caller advised the neighbors are inside arguing. Officer advised everything was verbal/units clear.

Domestic disturbance
E. 15th Street
Caller advised her son is threatening her. He was playing with the microwave and flipping light switches/he has autism/asbergers/PTSD. Officer requested ambulance for male for mental evaluation/clear/everything is okay/male was transported.

Wednesday, Oct. 13

Unwanted subject
2711 Leslie Road – Lintero Apartments
Caller advised her son is there and she does not want him there/he just left/does not want him to be able to go back. Officer advised Rafael Torres was re-issued his CTW and will be waiting for the bus. Officer advised Torres stated that his sister just passed away on Friday and his mother is already trying to sell and get rid . . .

Domestic disturbance
2545 N. Silver Street – Hillside Apartments
Caller advised a named male hit a named female and gave her a bloody nose/the female called her crying. Officer had negative contact/all units clear.

Thursday, Oct. 14

Accident property damage
22 Ridge Road
Wrecker en route.

E. Highway 180 and Sheriff Posse Road
Two vehicles/one female possibly injured/one westbound lane and one eastbound lane. EMS1 page in EMS2. Moderate front end damage for vehicle/passenger front tire flat/leaking fluids/wrecker en route for vehicle.

300 16th Street
Two vehicles in the roadway/white Ford Fusion vs silver car/vehicle was hit from behind/67-year-old female advising of neck injury.

Aggravated assault
2711 Leslie Road – Lintero Apartments
Caller advised a named male pulled a knife/he was being aggressive and threatened to kill caller/he tried to cut himself and is having suicidal ideations. Officer advised one juvie in custody en route to station.

Criminal trespass warning
1203 N. Hudson Street – 3:45 p.m.
Caller advised a named female who has a CTW is there in the parking lot of the main bank and is going in and out of the foyer. Officer advised Felicia Peru was re-issued the CTW and she will wait for her ride on the sidewalk.

Welfare check
Mann Drive
Caller advised she can hear someone screaming from this residence/sounds like a female/she is screaming she is going to kill herself. Second caller had same information. Officer had contact with female who advised she did not want to hurt herself and was going to call a hot line that was . . .

Criminal trespass warning
1203 N. Hudson Street – 4:24 p.m.
Caller advised the mother advised her daughter is outside in the parking lot throwing things at employee's cars. Deputy advised the female left the property walking toward downtown.

610 N. Silver Street – SOS
A named male is threatening clients with a butcher knife/he is walking around aggressively/he is outside. Officer has one in investigative detention.

Fran Drive
Caller advised that a subject, who he thought was his boss, called and requested $1,000 worth of gift cards and he wants to get them cancelled.

Welfare check
Cain Drive
Caller advised a 94-year-old female has not been answering her phone/she only answers the front door because she can't hear anyone at the back door/was supposed to go to Las Cruces today with . . .

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