Monday. Nov. 29

Breaking and entering
1040 E. Highway 180
A named male broke the door to the office to be able to drink inside/he is not on scene/she does have video footage. Officer advised attempting to call the male.

Welfare check
1040 E. Highway 180
Caller advised that the father is leaving a 9-year-old female in the room alone. Officer advised they were not at the hotel/manager stated he left this morning and will call when male returns. Officer contacted caller.

Welfare check
100 N. Rosedale Road
Male standing in the middle of the highway near Walgreen's trying to "fight" vehicles. Officer out with Anthony Alcorta/he is okay/advised him not to be on the property/units will be clear/CTW was re-issued for Walgreen's.

Game and Fish
2105 Memory Lane
Dead deer on the property. Dead deer guy was advised.

Unwanted subject
Panorama Drive
A named female is refusing to leave/she seems mentally unstable/possibly under the influence/would like her issued a CTW if located/she is on foot.

2501 E. Highway 180
Caller advised they have a female in the office who admitted to stealing/she took some Tylenol and possibly other items. Officer advised an indefinite CTW was re-issued the female to Walmart.

Unwanted subject
1313 E. 32nd Street
Unwanted subject at GRMC.

Domestic disturbance
Valle Drive
Caller advised her husband has been very aggressive toward her/he twisted her arm causing caller to fall to the ground/she hit her head/her neck is hurting/refusing an ambulance/male has a history of PTSD. Second caller advised that his older stepson physically abused him/he pushed caller over/causing caller to hit the wall. Officer advised 42-year-old female complaining of head and neck pain.

Tuesday, Nov. 30

N. Gold Street
Male saying his family is fighting/caller disconnected the phone. Officers have contact in the back with caller and a named male/advised everything is okay/units will be clear.

Criminal damage to property
Pope Street
Caller advised someone attempted to break in last night. Officer viewed camera footage of a male neither caller or the officer could identify. The male was seen climbing a ladder to the roof of the Bike Works building and trying to gain entrance through a roof vent but was unable to do so.

2501 E. Highway 180
Caller advised a female was caught stuffing her backpack with goods/she refused to stop at the door and will not come back with them/not certain who she is. Officer met with asset protection and advised they will get video ready.

Welfare check
1731 Alabama – Guadalupe Montessori
Caller advised a 3-year-old student has gone missing from the school/they believe the mother may have taken the child home early. Officer contacted caller again who stated the mother just contacted them about the child and she did have the child/she just forgot to check her out digitally.

116 S. Bullard Street – Sierra House
Caller advised she is being harassed by people in the house/most of the women are bullying her/she doesn't feel safe. Officer made contact with caller who stated other people are "bullying" her due to her sexual orientation and her sleeping on the couch/she did not state who was making the threats.

910 Silver Heights Blvd.
Caller from Domino's advised they had a female come into the store stating someone stole things from them/she is stating it was her son who took the things.

Suspicious vehicle
201 E. 14th Street – Sonic Burger
Officers requested next wrecker/two handguns/en route to GCSO with prisoner/out at GCSO/period to determine blood alcohol level is over/everything is okay/cancel wrecker.

Wednesday, Dec. 1

Driving while intoxicated
Mississippi Street – 1:17 a.m.
Caller advised his sister was at his house about 30 minutes ago honking her horn and was possibly intoxicated. Officers advised clear from a Mississippi Street address en route to a Howell Street address. Caller called back advising his sister has been calling him and harassing him and he would like to report . . .

Howell Street – 2:08 a.m.
Caller advised her brother is verbally harassing her and he pulled an air gun on her last week. Officer advised negative contact/en route to a Mississippi Street address. Caller called back advising she is in the blue house.

Welfare check
Mississippi Street – 8:27 a.m.
Caller advised a 95-year-old grandmother is on hospice and the aunt and uncle are supposed to be taking care of her/caller advised last night they received multiple phone calls where the aunt sounded extremely intoxicated. Officer advised clear/spoke to caller and advised her what was going on.

W. 11th Street
Advised that she ran over herself and was drug by vehicle/line disconnected. Two officers responded.

610 N. Silver Street – Seasonal Overnight Shelter
Caller advised her vehicle is being kicked and punched by a named female who also threatened to kill caller/female is in the lounge. Officer made contact with caller who advised the other female is jealous because caller is pregnant. Officer made contact with female who stated she was upset for an unknown reason and the officer told her not to be messing with other people's vehicles. No further . . .

Criminal trespass warning
1956 E. Highway 180
Caller advised a female tried to steal a large bottle of Fireball/they did get the product back/female left in a silver Honda car toward Beall's/if officers make contact issue CTW. Officer had negative contact with vehicle/made contact with caller.

Welfare check
Cielo Azul Street
Caller advised two small children were playing in the bed of a truck and one child was naked. Officer had negative contact with children/homeowner stated kids were at school.

Intoxicated driver
3514 Fowler Avenue
Caller advised a female driver in a light blue VW is visiting a patient and has a bottle of alcohol and is drinking. Officer advised clear/everything is okay.

Welfare check
Penny Park
Advised a 3-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy were dropped off at the park and left there/caller is going to stand by with them until LE gets on scene/she is worried the parents are gonna come back and know she called/two males in a white SUV dropped the kids off and then left/kids are saying their dad is in an SUV in the parking lot/now has the kids.

N. Bullard Street
Caller advised she works at the Hub Plaza and was cleaning the restrooms when a male barged in and refused to leave/he cornered her in the restroom and is now at the Fry House/he also yelled at her and was verbally aggressive with her/wants a CTW to the entire Hub Plaza.

Suspicious vehicle
N. Cooper and W. Spring streets
Near Boston Hill a vehicle has been parked at the gate for three hours and no one has gotten out of the vehicle. Officer out with a named female who advised she is playing the Pokemon game/will take off shortly.

Unwanted subject
610 N. Silver Street – SOS
Caller advised they have a named male at the shelter and they don't want him there/wants him issued an indefinite CTW. Officer advised the CTW was issued to Rudy Mesa and he is leaving the property at this time.

Unwanted subject
206 N. Hudson Street
Intoxicated male in the store causing issues with everyone/he got verbally aggressive and threatened caller's co-worker/he is driving a white van. Officer made contact/registration and/or driver's license suspended/request wrecker for van/wrecker en route.

Criminal damage to property
E. 14th Street
Advised that a rock came through their living room window/doesn't understand how someone could have thrown a rock through it/thinks it came from a home-made cannon.

116 S. Bullard Street – Sierra House
27-year-old female/shaking/rapid heart rate/has never happened before/advised she was given some cookies from her friend's friend and she ate one about an hour ago. EMS2 requesting LE at 32nd Street and Fox Field. Officer has contact with the female. EMS2 advised she is under the influence of drugs

Thursday, Dec. 2

Unwanted subject
610 N. Silver Street – SOS
Advised that a named male is on the property again and going around the cars/he was in the dumpster making a lot of noise.

Missing persons
40th Street
Caller advised she has not been able to get hold of her mentally disabled daughter, who also has PTSD and schizophrenia, since Nov. 20. Advised the daughter was staying with her father and was taken to Walmart after a domestic incident. Advised that that the daughter's father stated he was going to make a missing person report but he is failing to do so.

610 N. Silver Street – Seasonal Overnight Shelter – 2:37 p.m.
Caller advised a male is screaming and yelling that he is going to kill them all/he is standing outside/can't see him but can hear him/caller lives across the street. Officers out with male by city shop.

610 N. Silver Street – SOS – 5:31 p.m.
Two named males are loitering in the park nearby/want to make sure they don't come onto the property. Officer advised clear from the shelter/ATL the males on Gold Street.

Dog bite
Canal Street
Advised the neighbor's dog bit him twice on the leg/not bleeding but does have puncture wounds/refused medical.

Welfare check
Gough Park
Caller advised that her daughter is refusing to come home but stated she would be walking to her friend's house after she learned LE was involved/wants LE to check and make sure she is there.

Welfare check
Canal Street
Caller advised a male is lying down in the alley near her trailer/they were talking to him and he did not respond. Officer made contact with the male/a resident will be taking him home as soon as their car starts/everyone is okay.

Suspicious vehicle
3110 N. Silver Street
Caller advised a Suburban vehicle is blocking the lane and the subject is just sitting there in his vehicle. Officer out with a named male and a named female/en route to Lintero Apartments with one female and one child/vehicle ran out of gas/moved off the . . .

Welfare check
Trail Ridge Road
Can hear a female screaming. Officers advised both units clear/negative contact with anyone inside and no yelling either.

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