Monday, Jan. 24

Don Juan's Burrito
One vehicle is a blue Lexus/she cannot see the other vehicle/unknown injuries/caller advising her door is stuck/38-year-old female advising she is feeling "weird." The other driver is in a Mazda 3/her airbags deployed. What's wrong/advised her legs feel "tingly."

La Plata Middle School
A child punched another child who will need to go to the hospital/school officer will be taking the victim to GRMC. Officer requests ambulance for a 14-year-old male who was punched in the face and is bleeding from the lip. EMS3 - cancel R2.

Criminal damage to property
901 N. Hudson Street
Damage to back door lock.

Welfare check
316 E. 14th Street
Caller advised a named male rents the space next door and his vehicle has been there since yesterday/advising she's not sure if he just left or if something happened. Officer advised will be clear/did have contact/everything is okay.

N. F Street
Caller advised she noticed suspicious transactions on her bank account/she is going to the bank to talk with the dispute department and cancel her debit card.

Welfare check
1810 N. Swan Street
Caller advised a little girl was standing on the window of a green Dodge Caravan in the parking lot and didn't see any adults. Officer advised child was with an older sibling.

Unattended death
Sotol Street
Caller advised her 33-year-old son lives in the camper in the front yard/she can hear the dog/door is locked and he isn't answering his phone/he does drink/hasn't seen him since Friday. Officer advised making entry into the camping trailer/send ambulance for the male/cold to the touch and not breathing.

100 N. Rosedale Road
Male with handful of dog toys and candy/now leaving store/heading toward Sonic. Officer had negative contact with male/unit clear/business not wanting to pursue charges/will return in a couple of days to review footage for CTW.

Game and Fish
Pinos Altos Road – dentist office
Caller advised an injured deer that cannot move is in the roadway.

N. Texas Street
Caller advised she can hear at least five people yelling/believes it is gang related. Second caller advised he can hear someone yelling don't shoot. Vehicles are leaving and some people are running.

Driving while intoxicated
1040 E. Highway 180
Maroon Jeep passing Hatch Ford eastbound. Deputy advised contact with vehicle on Rosedale. Officer advised out with county unit on Rosedale.

Criminal trespass warning
2501 E. Highway 180
Caller advised a named female is at Register 15. Officer had contact with the female/advised Walmart sold her items/Walmart was advised how CTWs work.

Unwanted subject
407 N. Hudson Street
Caller advised two juveniles are in the laundrymat/they are on bicycles/wants them issued CTWs. Officers out speaking with the owners/negative contact with the juveniles.

Tuesday, Jan.25

610 N. Silver Street – Seasonal Overnight Shelter
Caller advised there was a fight at the shelter between two males. Officer advised contact at Gold and 8th. Another officer advised out at College and Gold/one in investigative detention.

Domestic disturbance
Canal Street
Caller can hear a named male fighting with his mother. Officer out with a named female.

111 S. Texas Street
Walk-in advised he had a credit card mailed to the mission and it has been stolen. Officer had contact with male walk-in who advised his family had mailed the card 'months ago' and he never received it/believes a named female took it.

Welfare check
N. Silver and Birch streets
Caller advised two young ladies are walking and one appears to be intoxicated and the other is helping her walk/they are northbound and both are wearing all black. Officer had negative contact. Caller called back they are at Pine and Silver still heading north. Officer ATL'd the area again and had negative contact.

Unwanted subject
1401 Silver Heights Blvd.
Caller advised a known drug user has been in the store for over an hour using the piano and they want him to leave now. Officer advised out with the male/male agreed to leave the property and will take care of the warrant tomorrow.

Unwanted subject
100 N. Rosedale Road
Caller advised a named male in the store made unwanted contact with her/he did make some sexual comments toward her/does not want a CTW issued. Officer advised male had already left the property when the officer arrived.

Missing persons
Arrowhead Road
An 82-year-old male was due home two hours ago and has not arrived/drives a light green 2005 Subaru Outback/just got a notification that her husband used his card at Love's gas station in Lordsburg. Deputy advised the license plate number on the vehicle/NMSP advised. Hidalgo County SO advised they patrolled the area with negative contact with the vehicle or the male.

Domestic disturbance
123 W. 12th Street
Officer advised upon his arrival he observed a red Honda sedan traveling away from a male who was walking east on 11th/went traffic with the red Sedan/the driver stated he had been arguing with his ex-boyfriend.

Reckless driver
E. Highway 180 at NAPA
Caller advised a yellow Hummer could not maintain its lane. Officers went traffic with the vehicle/out with a named female/invalid or revoked license/two outstanding warrants/busy doing SFSTs.

Unwanted subject
610 N. Silver Street – SOS
Caller advised a named male is getting violent with staff and other people who are staying at the shelter/don't want him issued a CTW/just want him removed for the night/he has been walking around with his pants down. Officer advised en route to GRMC with the male.

Wednesday, Jan. 26

Criminal damage to property
Crestway Drive
Caller advised someone just damaged his mailbox/subject left wallet by the damaged mailbox. Officer advised clear from scene/en route to address off of Alabama.

Unattended death
D Street
69-year-old male/has a defibrillator/was found unresponsive on the floor/tongue is swollen/negative on breathing.

Welfare check
N. Juniper Street
Advised that a named female resides at this residence and her mailbox is knocked down and her mail is scattered all over the place/also a lot of her mail is stuffed in the mailbox/concerned that she hasn't gotten her mail. Officer had contact with the female/everything is okay.

Welfare check
1609 N. Gold Street
Caller advised an elderly female seems lost/she knocked on the door and needed a ride/she is outside caller's residence. Officer out with the named female/she is okay.

Mental Health Complaint
610 N. Silver Street – SOS
Female stating everyone is a cannibal and she is going to kill everyone/caller wants a mental evaluation on the female. 51-year-old female. EMS1 advised will have a delayed response/have Rescue handle call.

Intoxicated driver
N. Swan and 17th streets
Gray Jeep Cherokee/female drinking out of a whiskey bottle/headed south on Swan Street/pulled off into the Valero on Hudson Street. Officer made contact advising 20-minute DEP.

Welfare check
N. Swan Street and Silver Heights Blvd.
Advised 70-year-old male almost fell when walking down the street. Officer has contact/request ambulance for 60-year-old male alert and conscious/male advised he keeps collapsing due to  trouble breathing.

Unwanted subject
100 N. Rosedale Road
Caller advised a male is outside harassing customers and crying/customers keep complaining/wants male removed. Officer out with a named male.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
420 W. Broadway
Caller advised she is at work and her back side window was broken out/it's a rental vehicle.

Howell Street
No report.

Welfare check
S. Texas Street
Alarm company called advising a named female pressed her pendant requesting LE be sent in reference to the neighbor/she is afraid he may do something. Officer advised clear/everything is okay/set up frequent patrol for tonight for female subject. Officer advised upon his arrival he spoke to the owner of the . . .

Unwanted subject
1313 E. 32nd Street
A named male is in the lobby causing problems.

Unwanted subject
111 E. College Avenue
Caller advised a homeless male is sitting outside the business on the sidewalk and lighting things on fire. Officer out with a named male/negative wants or warrants/negative CTWs to this location/clear/everything is okay.

Welfare check
206 N. Hudson Street
66-year-old female in the store/she doesn't look well/she seems very cold/caller is allowing her to stay inside to warm up however is wondering if an officer can give her a ride to the SOS shelter. Officer advised out with Patricia Plancarte/she has an APO hold reference a second warrant out of Judge Grijalva's court bond to be set.

Welfare check
Elias and E. Daniel streets
Caller advised someone is screaming in the area. Officer had negative contact with anyone screaming.

N. Swan Street
Advised two propane tanks were taken from outside his residence.

Thursday, Jan. 27

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
N. Juniper Street
Caller advised someone broke the windshield on vehicle.

Mental health complaint
W. 6th Street
Caller advised a female in front of her house is having a mental breakdown/she is screaming she lost her home/she is just standing in the street/in her 70s. Officer requested ambulance for a 55-year-old female hearing voices.

Unwanted subject
106 N. Bullard Street
Advised a named male who has a CTW is on the property. Officer advised male left prior to arrival.

Unwanted subject
Iron Door BBQ
Caller advised on 12th Street across from Wells Fargo two homeless females are drinking alcohol and then peed all over one of the tables. Have contact in the HMS parking lot/Shanti Lizzell and Dorothea Howser issued indefinite CTWs for AllState Insurance . . .

Domestic disturbance
N. Corbin Street
Advised ex-boyfriend pushed her in the face and broke the front door/he left in a gray car/negative on medical.

Criminal trespass warning
109 N. Bullard Street
Advised a named male is in the area/he is walking toward Jalisco's/he is messing with the doors and windows/he is masturbating as well/he has a CTW for her business at Dandelion Wish. Officer had negative contact with the male/caller did not want contact.

1956 E. Highway 180
Caller advised about two underage girls with male stole four cases of alcohol and left in a white Nissan Altima/they drove to the stoplight and then left on Silver Heights. Officer advised clear/negative contact with the vehicle.

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