Monday, May 12

Suspicious vehicle
Highways 180 and 78
Work truck with lights on. Deputy advised stopped and checked the truck/doors were unlocked so deputy was able to shut the lights off and door was secured/other trucks appeared okay.

Unwanted subject
Basalt Drive
Caller advised her female cousin stayed with her last night and is refusing to leave now/brother is there as well. Caller stated "No more party favors." Caller is yelling and sounds very unstable/she wants CTWs issued.

Duck Street – Cliff
Caller advised two of his employees are having an issue with each other. One male is also harassing caller and saying someone needs to kill a named female/he is threatening to lie about caller's business. Caller advised he will shoot the male if he comes onto his property/male is mentally unstable.

Realta Drive – Silver Acres
Caller stated his 18-year-old son is not listening/son is saying caller (dad) hit him in the head. Deputy was advised.

Malachite Avenue – Tyrone
Caller advised an employee resigned and caller now has noticed things are missing from the office. Deputy attempted contact x 3 with negative contact.

Welfare check
Arenas Valley Road – 12:10 p.m.
Caller advised someone has a gun to her head and that someone in prison was threatening her. She was very uncooperative on the phone and disconnected.

Domestic disturbance
Arenas Valley Road – 3:10 p.m.
Caller advised her grandparents just hit her/her grandmother invited her in. Grandmother can be heard in the background saying, "I did not invite her in." Caller advised her grandparents let her into the home because she needed to use the phone then they "ganged" up on her. Deputies advised will be clear/en route to GRMC with one female in protective custody.

Highway 61 -- Lower Mimbres
17-year-old caller advised she was attacked by boyfriend's sister/refused medical.

Tuesday, May 10

Vehicle accident-no injuries
S. Highway 90 – MM 23 (Latigo Road)
Report, no narrative.

Weapons fired
Ocotillo Drive – Lower Mimbres
Caller advised they are outside shooting advising "They are a bunch of druggies." Deputy made contact on corner of Ocotillo and Cactus. Named male advised he was not shooting/neighbors advised he was the one shooting/did not see any casings. Deputy advised male was advised if he is caught shooting, he will be taken to jail.

N. James Street – Santa Clara
Caller advised his aunt lost her phone and when it was returned to her the SM card, several pictures, and bank info were missing.

Reckless driver
Highway 15 and Sanctuary Road
One black pickup and a tan Ford pickup with trailer blocking the road. Deputy advised subject had to go back to their house to get a vehicle to pull vehicle away.

Rio de Arenas Road
Deputy made contact with a male who advised he could hear people trying to break into his house/it's been going on for several months now. Negative contact with anyone in the area.

Domestic disturbance
Lobo Drive -- Cliff
Caller advised a relative of the tenant called on Facebook and said a named male was there causing problems. Deputy made contact with a named female who advised she and the male were not arguing and did not say . . .

Suspicious vehicle
2 Kirkland Road – Shortstop.
Deputy spoke with owner of vehicle who said their son is in the area and will return to pick it up shortly.

Wednesday, May 11

Criminal sexual penetration
N. Hurley Road
Caller advised her two daughters were sexually abused by their stepfather/the daughters are in Iraq and in Tucson. Deputy advised en route to this address.

Mimbres Cactus
Caller advised someone has broken into the house again.

N. Hurley Road – North Hurley
Caller advised her brother stole a firearm from her closet last night/he is denying he has it. Deputy advised will be clear/everything is okay/gun was found in the cupboard.

Highway 180 – Arenas Valley
Caller advised a cellphone was stolen out of his mailbox.

3544 Highway 35
Caller advised a named lady in a white Land Rover drives by and she doesn't want her there/she always starts stuff. Deputy spoke with caller.

Aggravated assault
Highway 356 – MM 3
Caller advised subjects in a red car were causing problems/they took off at a high rate of speed/almost hit the T-ball kids.

Game and Fish
Highway 180 – Bayard limits
Caller advised someone hit a deer/they did leave a bumper behind/could not provide exact location.

Welfare check
Bornite Court – Tyrone
Caller from Tyrone Homeowners advised she received a call from a homeowner advising a foul smell is coming from this address. Deputies discover smell coming from freezer in back yard full of rotting food/caller advised.

Thursday, May 12

Welfare check
Caller requests an officer locate her son who has mental health problems and has run out of medications. Deputies made contact with son at 4th and A streets/he is out for a walk and advised he will head back home later.

Domestic disturbance
Partridge Drive
Caller advised her soon-to-be ex-husband is there causing issues/they got into an argument and he was asked to leave/he left in a blue Ford Fusion.

Welfare check
Mathers Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advised he has not been able to reach a named female and a named male all day. Deputy en route to a Western Drive address for followup/clear from that address/out at another Western Drive address.

Welfare check
N. Hurley Road at Penjamo
There is a female with blue paint on her face standing in the middle of the road and jumping in front of cars. NMSP officer advised has contact with female. Bayard PD officer advised out with a 28-year-old female with injuries to her knee and lip/out at a N. Hurley Road address.

Lobo Drive – Cliff
Caller advised a named male has been walking up and down the road cussing and throwing items at her. Deputy knocked on the door/no one came to the door.

Welfare check
Truck Bypass
Caller advised her and her husband are going through a divorce and he has been talking about suicide/her son is with him /son is now with her. Deputy made contact with male advising he was just cleaning out . . .

Hermana Street – Arenas Valley
Advised that her sister is trying to kill her and her parents and LE is doing nothing to help them.

Domestic disturbance
North Hurley Road
NMSP advised they are busy currently and asked for assistance on a domestic at this address/advised a named female is jumping in front of traffic again/she was transported by EMS to GRMC. Deputy advised out at E and Diaz streets with female.

Chukar Drive
Caller advised her 14-year-old daughter was dating a 17-year-old and he started to live with her and he was a runaway/she did call the 17-year-old's dad and the father thanked her for caring for his son. Her daughter broke up with the boy and now the mother is texting her and harassing her and the boy is harassing her daughter.

Welfare check
Pinos Altos Road – MM 3-4
Female standing in the middle of the road. Deputy had negative contact.

Alamo Street – Arenas Valley
Caller advising he is going to beat up his brother. Can hear things being thrown around/can hear a female yelling to "Stop" in the background. Caller advised a named male pulled a .380 pistol on him/advised the male just broke all the windows to his truck. Deputy has one male in investigative detention.

Welfare check
Arenas Valley Road
Caller advised her grandparents have Alzheimers and they are not answering their phone. Caller advised both NMSP and county advised their units are busy at the time and will send one as soon as available. Silver City PD officer made contact with grandma.

Highway 35
Caller advised her and another female were fighting/they are hurt and need help/ages 31 and 37/caller is bleeding from her face/unknown where other female is.

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