Friday, Sept. 22

Unwanted subject
3420 E. Highway 180
Man being disruptive and bothering women/he is at the front of the building. Officer advised out with Henry Lopez who was issued an indefinite CTW for the property.

1956 E. Highway 180
Manager reporting disturbing grafitti along the back side of the store including guns and gun clips.

Welfare check
Kimberly Drive
Advised her husband has Alzheimer's and took off walking toward Pine Street. Officers ATL. Caller stated husband is back home and okay.

403 W. College Avenue
Caller advised a customer's bicycle was stolen from in front of the building.

Welfare check
W. College Street and N. Cooper Street
Male lying on the sidewalk/the male refused medical attention/his shoulder is hurting.

Stout Elementary School
Someone stole his son's orange pedal bike/he has footage of a woman taking the bike. Value of bicycle $439.97. Caller will meet LE at Fox Field.

Welfare check
200 N. Bullard Street
Advised an irate male is in the creek right below the bridge. Officer behind Visitor Center.

3001 S. Highway 90 – Calvary Chapel
Advised her 13-year-old daughter is being harassed on social media by an ex-student who is now at La Plata.

Unwanted subject
Visitor Center
Male screaming and yelling. Issued indefinite CTW to Jeremiah Muniz.

Welfare check
3050 Cougar Way
A named male is there trying to get his dog out of 'jail.' He doesn't have any money to get the dog out/he is becoming agitated/he just stepped outside.

Welfare check
E. 13th and N. Gold streets
Caller advised a silver sedan is parked near her house with a dog in the driver's seat, a male slumped over in the passenger seat, and a female in the back seat.

S. Gold Street
Two weedeaters were stolen.

N. Silver Street
A homeless male threw a lot of trash bags at a vacant lot/he is now harassing a female at the A.I. Studio.

2 Ridge Road
Female stole items and physically hit caller/left walking behind the store. A female witness stated the female is highly intoxicated. Officers had negative contact on Highway 90/out at a Lamina Loop address.

2711 Leslie Road – Lintero Apartments
Caller advised his mother-in-law has been harassing his wife and children over text. Officer called multiple times/negative contact.

Criminal trespass
N. Bayard Street
Female, who caller had trespassed from his residence, was on his deck at the front door/she left when he advised he was calling LE/he does have a picture of her. Officer made contact with caller and verified that the picture was of Aisha Myles.

Criminal trespass warning
1814 N. Silver Street
Male sitting at the front door/want him issued a CTW. Officer issued Lynn Eddington an indefinite CTW for Mission Plaza.

Unwanted subject
Birch Street
A named male is on the side of the house refusing to leave/he broke into the garage. Officer has one in unit en route to Motel 6.

Criminal trespass warning
1956 E. Highway 180
A named male has a CTW for the store and he is at the north entrance/he walked out of the store. Officers out at Walgreen's/clear/negative contact with male.

Unwanted subject
2501 E. Highway 180
Group of seven juveniles throwing things around and eating food without paying for it/male and female/negative on a CTW right now. Officer advised juvies picked up by parents, did not want to press charges.

Criminal sexual contact
N. Swan Street
Caller advised the 16-year-old daughter was sexually harassed and there was contact by her uncle/occurred about a month ago at grandmother's residence.

Welfare check
Louisiana Street
Can hear a female screaming and yelling. Officers request ambulance for 48-year-old female complaining of being cold/negative on lights and sirens/cancel EMS/going to take female to SOS.

Suspicious vehicle
1400 N. Hudson Street
Advised the vehicle has been parked under the bay by the vacuums for nine hours. Officer made contact with owner who got on scene advising she was having car trouble and trying to resolve the issue.

Criminal trespass
703 Silver Heights Blvd.
Caller advised a female is asleep by the back booths/also another female who is intoxicated and has paint all over her face just went into the restroom/would like both issued CTWs. Officer issued Shelly Haley an indefinite CTW/the other female was leaving upon arrival.

Domestic disturbance
2080 Memory Lane – Valley View Apartments
Caller advised she and her mother are in a physical. Officer advised female refusing to give a statement unless deputy is on scene.

Saturday, Sept. 23

Criminal trespass warning
3130 E. Highway 180
Caller advised he wants a named male issued a CTW for his property due to a harassment incident which occurred in Deming today.

Loud music
315 N. Texas Street
Coming from Old Elks Lodge. Officer advised they were practicing music/advised they would stop for the evening.

Unwanted subject
206 N. Hudson Street
A female is lying in front of the store/she is refusing to leave. Officer out with the female/she left upon request.

1220 N. Hudson Street
Male took a bottle of alcohol and headed north on Bennett Street. Officer has contact with two named males at Corbin and 12th streets/one male in investigative detention.

Welfare check
S. Cooper Street
Caller advised a female's caretaker is not taking care of the female/caretaker was being mean to the client.

100 N. Rosedale Road
A named male just left walking toward Sonic with three liquor bottles, 2- .75 and 1- 1.75 Jose Cuervo. Officer out with Fabian Amaro at Harbor Freight/re-issued him the CTW for Walgreen's/out at Walgreen's/merchandise returned.

Valley Vista
Caller advised a 9-year-old brother is hitting his mother/he is autistic/mother and brother are outside in the front yard. Officers requested ambulance for brother/EMS3 advised negative on transport/officers will be transporting both child and mother.

Welfare check
D and W. 8th streets
Advised screaming is coming from an apartment at the Silver Casita Apartments right behind the Mormon Church/a female is yelling, "Help me." Officer advised everything is okay/child playing video games.

Sunday, Sept. 24

Domestic disturbance
S. Cooper Street
Caller can hear a female screaming and a door slam. Officer spoke to female who advised she is packing her belongings to move out/the boyfriend was yelling but he left on his motorcycle/stated nothing was physical.

1810 N. Swan Street
Intoxicated male saying he is going to shoot them/he is across the street now by Watts Hall/he is mad because caller wouldn't sell him any more alcohol. Clerk wants the male issued an indefinite CTW to all W&N Enterprises.

1220 N. Hudson Street
Female with a baby carrier trying to cash a bad check.

Welfare check
Caller from Washington advised he is a 72-year-old male's best friend and has not been able to contact him in three days/male will call his friend in Washington.

Welfare check
910 Silver Heights Blvd.
Male walked into the lobby with blood on his face/walked up toward Motel 6. Officer had negative contact.

Canal Street
Caller advised her son pushed her to the ground and twisted both her arms bruising them/refused medical. Officer advised will take care of call shortly.

Breaking and entering
W. Market Street
Caller advised a named female took a power box from a travel trailer and believes she damaged and propped open the door to another one.

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