Monday, Nov. 13

Criminal damage to property
W. Encino Street – Santa Clara
Officer advised, after reviewing footage for another call, noticed damage was done during a different call.

Welfare check
Apache Circle – 9:42 a.m.
Advised her husband is not answering the phone or the door/the last time she spoke with him was 7:30 p.m. yesterday. He has a history of heart problems. Deputy made contact with husband who called his wife/everything is okay.

N. Cleveland Street – Santa Clara
Walk-in showed deputy a text he received allegedly coming from the cartel demanding money for the prostitute he bought/the text had graphic images stating that is what would happen to him if he didn't pay up. Deputy advised it was a scam and to block the number and report the number on the FBI website.

Century Drive – San Lorenzo
Advised sister is inside the residence causing issues/it all has to do with a 9-year-old nephew/she was going to take his phone away from him because he is refusing to do paperwork/she is on probation and is trying to avoid confrontation.

No report.

Welfare check
Santa Rita Mine Road – Vanadium
Male running along the property line barefooted/a lady in an older model red pickup following him trying to pick him up. Deputy advised out at the end of Cobre Street with (redacted)/advised mine security it is him and he is home/he is okay/possible mental patient.

Accident-property damage
Cottage San Road and Emerald Drive
Caller advised she hit a deer/believes it ran off. Deputy advised valid driver's license/clear.

Tenorite Court – Tyrone
19-year-old son getting harassed through the internet through Instagram/son was sent two checks for payment for some artwork/both checks did not go through/son is now being sent pictures of people being killed/language barrier/Spanish and English.

Welfare check
Spring Creek Road
A named male living in a camping trailer in the back of her home was supposed to call her about an hour ago after she spoke with him/his phone is now off. Deputy advised male is okay.

Accident-property damage
Highway 152 and Lampbright Road
Deputy advised unknown if accident or if vehicle stopped and bailed/negative contact with anyone in the area/vehicle is damaged/front end damage/all tires are inflated/request next wrecker on rotation/G&G has possession.

Tuesday, Nov. 14

Accident-property damage
W. Highway 180 -- Cliff
Advised she hit a deer/fluids leaking from vehicle. Deputy requested EMS to check on children who were in the vehicle.

Identity theft
Camino Blanco – Arenas Valley
Caller advised someone stole his checks and attempted to cash one in Las Cruces.

Welfare check
Rio de Arenas Road
Anonymous caller advised a 7th-grader lives with his father. She advised caller that she only has canned food, advising she cannot cook most of the time as they don't have electricity and the generators don't work/advising the canned food she has is expired and has been there since she was approximately 5-years-old. Student is low-functioning on her own. Caller has sent student home with food multiple times.

Welfare check
Cleveland Road – Santa Clara
Would like a female checked on who turns her stove on and falls asleep. Deputy advised female is okay/she has dementia/she would like a ride to the hospital to see her husband/everything is okay/units clear.

Domestic disturbance
910 Silver Heights Blvd.
One female in unit/E. Broadway.

Wednesday, Nov. 15

Welfare check
Highway 90 – MM 37 (Tyrone)
Female in the middle of the highway/jumped in front of a semi. Deputy advised have contact with female at MM 36/she is walking barefoot and has hyperthermia.

Unwanted subject
Cortez Avenue – 7:40 a.m.
Caller advised subjects in a room are causing damage/wants them issued a CTW and to move along. Deputy advised verbal agreement that the subjects will be gone by 2 p.m.

Criminal trespass
Separ Road – White Signal
Advised someone backed up into the property/vehicle is still on property/white GMC Duramax with flatbed trailer. Game and Fish officer advised negative contact with registered owner/owner wants the vehicle towed.

Welfare check
Grandview Drive
Caller advised 66-year-old sister has an alcohol issue and dementia/last time contact was made was three days ago/she does have a large dog that is aggressive. Deputy advised everything is okay/contacted caller.

Cobre Street – Vanadium
Caller's 32-year-old son is schizophrenic/he is running inside and yelling outside. Deputies will be following caller and her son to GRMC.

Suicide threat
Rio de Arenas Road
No report.

Domestic disturbance
Pheasant Drive
Caller wants his son-in-law to get his personal belongings and leave. Caller called back advising it is turning into a domestic verbal/(redacted) did push his wife. Deputy advised subject packed his belongings and left/units clear.

Missing persons
Highway 15 – Pinos Altos – 6:58 p.m.
A named female left on foot around 5 p.m./didn't take phone or purse/unknown where she was going/she is mentally unstable/caller is female's father. Deputies advised female in unit/en route to SPIN to collect phone or purse/have her belongings.

Criminal trespass warning
Caballo Blanco – Arenas Valley
Caller advised a named female was recently issued a CTW to this address/he just arrived home and found the female sitting on caller's front porch/she was told to leave and she is walking around caller's property now.

Domestic disturbance
Alamo Street – Arenas Valley
Caller advising her husband is drunk/he just took their 15-month-old baby out of her arms. Caller called back advising her husband is causing issues again/he is upset she called LE and woke their son up.

Thursday, Nov. 16

Domestic disturbance
Highway 15 – Pinos Altos
Deputy advised caller stated he was involved in a domestic with his wife two hours ago/they were arguing about something when she hit him with a shoe and threatened to stab him/caller is no longer there/he is in the Walmart parking lot.

Prisoner transport x 3
Carlsbad, Carrizoso, Luna County
Reports, no narratives.

Welfare check
W. Highway 180 – Cliff
Female is walking on roadway/she walked from Silver to Cliff yesterday/and she is now walking back to Silver. The female told caller to "hang up," that she was fine, walked away and continued walking east on Highway 180/she was near the Cliff Post Office. Caller advised the female is in her house/she is shaking and was . . .

Domestic disturbance
Kirkland Road -- Arenas Valley
Advised she broke up with the male and the male is arguing with her inside the home/she is outside.

Welfare check
Hideaway Lane
Female called advising she needed to talk to someone. When dispatcher gave her the non-emergency number she advised "nevermind" and hung up but sounded a little flustered and frustrated/she has called three times. Deputies advised she isn't opening the door/but talking through it/requested ambulance for 70-year-old female who fell and hit her head on the nightstand/female is in protective custody.

Domestic disturbance
Bard Street – Santa Clara
Advised a female hit caller in the face and he has a black eye/it's his stepdaughter/she is in the RV at this time/she is supposed to be taking meds for bipolar and schizophrenia/she is under the influence of meth.

Game and Fish
Highway 152 – tunnel
Deer is injured and still alive. Deputy advised deer deceased upon arrival/caller took deer.

11072 W. Highway 180 – Hillside Haven
Advised he is being harassed by a female while he is trying to move things into that trailer. Second caller advised there is a disagreement between two people at the lower level by the dumpster. Deputy advised parties separated/everything is okay.

Stolen motor vehicle
Little Walnut Road
Caller calling on behalf of her son who is advising they found his stolen vehicle, but vehicle was never reported as stolen/it was taken by a named female/believe she is there. Deputy requested another deputy/they are wanting to report the vehicle as stolen/out at Reef Apartments.

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