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PHOENIX, AZ, November 8, 2021 –– Freeport-McMoRan is pleased to announce the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation has awarded nearly $2.8 million to 39 projects in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico through our Community Investment Fund process.

Recipient organizations will receive their monetary awards and be recognized by members of the Community Investment Committee during grant presentations this fall.

"The COVID pandemic and other disruptive events over the past 18 months have affected how we all view and achieve well-being, as well as the need to think more purposefully about how we help to create individual, family and community resiliency," said Tracy Bame, President, Freeport-McMoRan Foundation. "An important part of this effort is the ability to work with our program partners to understand the impact of each project so we can collaborate with a broad range of community stakeholders to address gaps in services, resources and assets needed to support the well-being and resilience of people and communities over time."

Message sent to Silver Consolidated Schools student family members on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021 from Superintendent William Hawkins:We began the program Monday morning. PMG (Premier Medical Group) expedited their setup due to our need. We initially were on the list for 10 days from last Thursday, but due to the Grant County numbers, they moved us up in urgency and got their team here for Central Office and Cliff on Tuesday.

Good afternoon, evening, or morning,

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Silver Consolidated Schools is ready to implement the recently announced PED Test to Stay, "Modified Quarantine" option for parents of students who are or will be identified as close contacts of a Covid-19 Positive individual at school. Please click on the link for a video explanation of the program as well as details about the testing site that will be available for parents in town at the Central Office beginning Monday November 8th, 2021. Cliff Schools will likewise have a testing spot on their campus, which will likely be ready on Tuesday November 9, 2021 for parents who would like to take advantage of this opportunity. The testing will be available Monday - Friday.

The attachments further provide details in the:

By Mary Alice Murphy

Following two presentations at the Grant County Commission special meeting on Oct. 26, 2021 by the Gila National Forest and about the planning for the 80th anniversary of the Bataan Death March, which can be read at , the commissioners began to address the new business of the meeting agenda.

The first item was a discussion on Detention Center short-term priorities. County Manager Tim Zamora said the big item is to create a plan and assess the potential to use ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funding. "What potential additions to the size of the jail or modifications we could make, we estimate it will cost about $250,000 to assess the situation. We want to provide feedback from the assessment. The design for an addition would be a result of the assessment and would be on the ICIP (infrastructure capital improvement plan)."

District 1 Commissioner and Chair Chris Ponce said his idea of an assessment would be more to address the internal workings of the detention center. "Can you accomplish both the building and the inner workings of the facility with an assessment?"

By Mary Alice Murphy

With no public input at the Grant County Commission special meeting on Oct. 26, 2021, commissioners heard presentations from the Gila National Forest and from Alfred Ogas on the planned Bataan Memorial rededication on the 80th anniversary of the Bataan Death March.

Henry Provencio, new Gila National Forest ranger for the Wilderness District, said he came to the Gila National Forest form Northern Arizona. “I am always looking for collaborative efforts, which I want to increase. I am here instead of Beth Ihle (Silver City District ranger), who is on a fire assignment in California. They are giving the firefighters there some time off.”

He reported that on Nov. 15, about 2,600 acres in the Meadow Creek Area will begin treatment through a prescribed burn. The Cherry Creek contracts are selected to begin also in mid-November to address creek drainage and erosion.

By Mary Alice Murphy

On Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021, Western Institute of Lifelong Learning (WILL) and the Silver City Museum presented a program at the Fort Bayard Theater on one of the options available to help restore Fort Bayard National Historic Landmark structures, many of which are deteriorating.

New Mexico Rep. Luis Terrazas, who was attending another event nearby, stopped in briefly at the beginning to say: "This event is as important as the other one I'm attending. I want to see Fort Bayard restored. I am very much in support of the fort and what it can become. I'm glad to see all of you working together."

Erin Griffith, Silver City Museum educator, led the effort that day. She introduced Jo Lutz, museum communications director, who was managing the Zoom portion to allow people from out of town to speak. Griffith asked those attending to provide a $5 donation, if possible. She said the website to keep up with museum happenings is

Mary Stoecker, one of the organizers of the event, said she was coordinating Lunch and Learn with the WILL events. "It's not just for WILL members."

Photos by Paul Michaud, commentary and captions by Sandra Michaud

One of the two murals being dedicated on Oct. 30, 2021 was located on Chihuahua Hill at the corner of Richard and Theodore streets. The mural depicts diverse moments in the history of Grant County and Silver City. It included references to the Empire Zinc Miners’ strike, Geronimo, Mimbreño art, the Kneeling Nun and La Virgin de Guadalupe are just some of the items depicted.

Photos by Paul Michaud, with commentary by Sandra Michaud

One of the new murals by Carlos Callejo was dedicated Saturday afternoon after the Makers Market closed. The mural is painted on the north side of the Encore Building at MainStreet Plaza. It depicts the folk art tradition of New Mexico and celebrates those artisans who people the Makers Market each Saturday with their creations.

Lonnie L Shoup, who ran for Silver City Town Councilor, District 2, as a write-in candidate did receive some votes unlike the version posted earlier on the Beat, which will be updated. According to a report from the county clerk, 96 votes were cast as write ins, but after processing, 83 were accepted. That leaves Nicholas Prince as the winner, with 266 votes at the end of Election Day reports on the New Mexico Secretary of State website. 

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