Undeniably Right

Mike Mustang

I believe what I say and believe I am right. Thus, the title of my column, Undeniably Right. Take it as you will, that I'm a conservative or I have a huge ego and believe I am always correct. Sometimes those things overlap, sometimes not.

Mike Rowse

There is so much going on in our world that is difficult once again to come up with a topic for the column. This is my 4th attempt to write a column that is somewhat coherent and I hope entertaining. Each time I settled on a topic I found myself wandering off to another topic like a toddler at Christmas seeing another toy. So I decided to just embrace it and let's see where it takes us.

The media bias was on display again this past week when Kamala Harris made visits to Guatemala and El Salvador. If you watched the few news agencies that showed the speeches, you would have seen the number of people that were protesting this administration. There were signs in Guatemala and El Salvador held by the citizens of those countries that said, "Trump won, go home." Other signs mentioned stopping the assault of the children and women. But you would never know it watching the American media. As far as they are concerned it was a wonderful visit that is addressing the root cause of illegal migration, which is of course climate change.

Kamala Harris is taking the blatant lying to a new level. During those speeches she said that people should stop coming to the border because the laws of America are being enforced and anyone showing up at our border would be turned away. We know that to be a lie but it also contradicts the statements regarding policy changes made by her boss. Joe Biden has reinstated catch and release and quit sending people back across the border to await asylum hearings. This administration has had to reopen the so-called concentration camps that house the illegal migrants because they are not being turned away. That blatant lying just goes to show how little they think of the American people.

It was almost 30 years ago did I realized how much trouble this country was in because we were not teaching our children to overcome adversity. Our company was hosting a fundraiser for a local children's program. It was a bowl-a-thon and some of the kids were bowling with us. As I recall the kids we had were around 7 or 8 years old and they were not very good bowlers. Like a lot of kids they became frustrated and wanted to do better. I began giving them some pointers that would help them and encourage them to do better. My colleague kept telling them that they were doing great! The kids knew they were not but she was telling them that their worth or value was not tied to their ability to bowl. It is not, but it is tied to their ability to overcome adversity and improve which are skills they needed to learn.

It has essentially has morphed into a belief by many progressives that we are not going to hold people responsible for their actions because they have been put in situations or circumstances that leave them to make the wrong decision so truly it's not their fault. That could not be more wrong! It does nothing to benefit the individual or society at large. We are products not of our circumstances but our decisions. Often we do find ourselves in situations that are not of our doing, especially when the government is involved, but we have the ability to make a decision in how to deal with the circumstances or situation.

It is another one of those weeks where there is so much going on, not just in the world but in my life that I cannot pick one topic to focus upon for this week's column. That means we get another random observations and thoughts column that jumps around like a 5-year-old at Christmas time trying to decide which new toy to play with.

Joe Biden is considering establishing a rule that would allow the IRS to access individual bank accounts and take money the IRS claims is owed to the federal government without obtaining any kind of warrant or giving any advance notice to the bank account owner. He claims this will result in the wealthy Americans paying their 'fair share.' No, this results in the federal government taking more power and becoming more tyrannical. He might have a problem with this one because most of his wealthy supporters are the ones that will be targeted. Especially the ones that claim the wealthy do not pay their fair share including Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, both of whom are fighting the IRS over taxes they claim they do not owe that the federal government claims they do.

It is no secret that there are an abundance of jobs available yet people are staying home because of the stimulus and unemployment benefits they are receiving. Kudos to several states that are using unemployment benefit money not to keep people at home but rather paying bonuses if they go take a job. I'm sure our governor does not believe that will work.

I believe it was last week's radio show when I discussed Joe Biden's address to Congress and the country outlining his plan to ruin America. Only about 11 million people tuned in to watch the address. That number is significantly less than President Trump got for any similar speech by a factor of three. In fact, Trump regularly attracted audiences of over 40 million viewers. Presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush regularly attracted at least twice as many viewers. How does this happen when Joe Biden received over 80 million votes in the presidential election? That's more than any other president has received before so you would think if he's so popular more people would want to tune in to see what he's going to do for us.

I have watched and looked for all of the posts on social media from my progressive friends that voted for Joe Biden their support his policies. I regularly saw them post things about Donald Trump while he was president but so far they are eerily quiet about the actions taken by their candidate. In fact when I ask some of them to name at least one specific thing Joe Biden has done that they like they are silent.

In fact to the contrary, I have seen several that were particularly vociferous in their opposition to President Trump posting their frustration with Joe Biden and what he is doing to this country. To be sure, they are very specific in the things they do not like such as the out of control spending, high unemployment, proposed tax increases, and high gas prices.

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